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HCA Healthcare has been providing healthcare for more than 50 years. It began with a small hospital, Park View Hospital, founded by doctors, in Nashville, U.S. In 1995 HCA entered the UK healthcare market, and has since built a world-class network of over 30 facilities in London and Manchester, with its latest venture opening in Birmingham in 2023.

Today HCA is the largest private healthcare provider in the world, and one of the leading private healthcare providers in the UK. Its founding philosophy of putting patients first has guided it every day since 1968. It provides compassionate care to patients no matter what they need – from clinical researchprimary care (including a private GP service), outpatient and day-case treatment, through to complex and urgent care

In the UK, HCA Healthcare UK, is the only private hospital group to have the highest level of critical care beds in all of its facilities and positively takes on new challenges, in innovation and advancing clinical care. Importantly, HCA’s scale enables it to invest in networks of facilities with a specialist focus. Both here in the UK and in the US, networks staffed by experts in their fields, deliver high quality care for patients.